Weighing the Costs—Break-Fix vs. MSP

Break-Fix IT vs. MSP (Managed Services Provider)

The primary goal for many organizations is to keep costs down, and one of the first places they look to cut costs is the technology department. But choosing between a managed services model and break-fix IT model isn’t as straightforward as you may think. There are a few key questions you should ask yourself:

  • How much downtime can you experience before you’re out of business?
  • Can you afford to put off maintenance?
  • Are you willing to pay a monthly fee to prevent fiascos from happening?

Only you know what your budget can handle. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of both options so you can be well informed and find the right fit for your organization.

The Break-Fix IT Approach

With break-fix IT, you manage your hardware and software needs on your own. If something breaks or goes wrong, that’s when you’ll enlist the help of a professional. Some companies have a tech-savvy employee fix minor IT issues, but it’s nearly impossible for them to completely focus on their job while still keeping up with the ever-changing technology landscape. So, it’s likely you’ll run into more problems and face unpredictable charges for repairs, consultations and hourly labor. Your system is also likely to be down longer because the technician won’t have in-depth knowledge of your system.

The Managed Services Approach

Outsourcing the daily management of your system to a managed services provider (MSP) gives you the advantage of preventative care. MSPs work to identify potential challenges and threats to your IT systems and solve them before they disrupt your operations. If an issue does occur, you can rest easy knowing you have 24/7 technical support and help desk services from a professional who is already familiar with your system. It’s also easy to budget your IT services because you’re billed a set rate monthly without hidden charges or hefty fees.

We recognize that saving money is an important part of achieving your goals—and we can help. In our experience, outsourcing IT services to an MSP is the best approach for small businesses to save money, maintain business continuity, and avoid headaches.

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