Atlas Raises the IT Bar for LCG Advisors

February 10, 2020
IT service management building photo

Atlas Raises the IT Bar for LCG Advisors

LCG Advisors has been working with Atlas Professional Services for just over a year. During that time, Atlas has provided the company with IT service management for local and remote employees. It’s also helped the organization bring its current IT infrastructure up to date. The company is so pleased with the level of service they’ve received, they offered this testimonial. 

About LCG Advisors

LCG is a leading advisory firm specializing in loan and investment due diligence, investment banking, risk mitigation and other select advisory services. The company has 20 regional locations across the country and serves more than 175 clients nationwide. Here in Tampa, LCG Advisors has 25 employees in the office and 30 who work remotely throughout the country.

Staying connected to the network is important to the work that they do. And it’s particularly important for employees who are traveling and have limited timeframes in which to complete their onsite work.

The Challenge 

Over the years, LCG has worked with a number of IT service management companies to manage their IT needs – from small companies to larger firms. While the service was good for a while, the small companies would eventually get bought out. Customer service would suffer as a result.

“We’ve had good service and bad service – nowhere in between,” said Tiffany Grant, Office Administrator for LCG. “It came to a point where we were managing our IT company rather than our IT company managing our services, and that was unacceptable.”

Grant and her team continually found themselves following up with engineers. And when they didn’t hear back, they’d Google answers to their IT problems. Their provider had also fallen behind on performing technical work, such as patches and updates, which are critical to LCG’s work.

The Solution

Needing to make a change, LCG called Atlas Professional Services to inquire about their IT service management. The Atlas team came in and asked questions about the business and its IT needs. They made recommendations about LCG’s hardware, software and cybersecurity protocols.

“When Atlas came in, we were concerned that there were IT issues we didn’t know about that left us feeling uneasy and unsecure,” said Grant. “Atlas went through our entire system and told us ‘this is where you are and this is where you need to be.’ They explained things every step of the way.”

Today, Atlas provides IT service management to LCG – overseeing the IT needs of the Tampa office, as well as remote employees.

The Results

Atlas has far exceeded the expectations of the LCG team.

“I know working with our firm and our employees around the country is no small task,” said Grant. “Atlas resolves our issues very quickly – I’ve even heard of a 5-minute resolution time – It’s nice to have a partner who cares as much about customer service as we do.”

Unlike LCG’s previous IT service providers, Atlas also provides continual updates on their progress and follows up to ensure that issues are truly resolved. In addition, the team has educated LCG on the different software systems and virus protection. These recommendations help ensure that the LCG staff is comfortable every step of the way.

“Going into it, we were highly skeptical of all things IT,” said Grant. “Atlas has changed that for us. They’ve been nothing but responsive, friendly, fair and efficient. Even our most tech-savvy employees rave about the service and their team.”

We greatly appreciate LCG Advisors taking the time to give this review! Contact us if your business needs IT service management.