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Ad agencies use every class of technology – software, hardware and networks. You use high-power hardware and large, computing-intensive applications for creating and editing huge files. You use fast networks to send and secure those files and connect to repositories for controlled collaboration. And, you use big data, running and analyzing complex, multimedia campaigns and mining customer information for targeting those campaigns. All of that technology needs skilled people to keep it running.

At Atlas Professional Services, we install, update and test everything to ensure it integrates with ayour existing software. Hardware goes through the same process. Each desktop, server and network appliance must  be expertly installed, maintained and repaired.

Advertising and Media IT Support from Atlas Professional Services

Atlas Professional Services provides the experienced, committed expertise to establish and maintain the right mix of hardware, software, networks and data your agency IT needs.



The volume and variety of data you need imposes significant responsibilities on your agency. That encompasses many requirements, including version management, rules and permission setting, storage and archiving, and more.



Your business never stops. That means your network must always be operational and secure. Atlas Professional Services makes sure you run at optimal performance so you can stay productive no matter what.



Your agency IT profile is unique so commodity systems and equipment won’t cut it. You need specialized applications that require equally specialized desktops and servers.



Your operational budget is where profit is built. The lower it is, the more revenue you keep. Whether you run IT in-house or through a Managed Services Provider, doing it well directly hits the bottom line.

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