Virtual Server Hosting Services

The Smarter, Greener Way to Host

Save Money and Energy with Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting Services

Going green is a top priority for many organizations—virtual servers may be the answer. By combining multiple virtual machines onto fewer physical servers, you’ll get the benefits of virtual environments without having the burden of maintaining and supporting them. Cloud-based servers reduce your physical infrastructure costs, consolidate servers, optimize infrastructure and reduce your carbon footprint by using less power.

Let Atlas Professional Services be your partner for leveraging the power of virtualization. Our virtual server hosting services deliver the scalability and affordability that best fits your needs. Plus, we help you with virtual desktop provisions, backup and disaster recovery, virtual application hosting, hardware and software updates, managed services and more.

Dedicated Server Hosting Services
from Atlas Professional Services

Discover cloud-based virtual server hosting and leave your old dedicated server behind.

Count on Our Expertise

You need the right people managing your virtual environment without creating financial and management challenges. Our expert team handles all your virtual server hosting needs—there’s no need to hire extra employees to manage it.

Scale as You Grow

Cloud servers run faster, offer more options and are easy to upgrade. We’ll set up the best solution for you, and scale it as you grow.

Leverage Strong Partnerships

Get the strongest, most secure virtual infrastructure possible by pairing with the best technology partners and providers. We’ll serve as your single point of contact for questions and support, as well as track any issues.

Get Cost-effective Solutions

Only pay for what you need, when you need it. We’ll quickly provision more virtual desktops or other services whenever you need them.

Operate more cost-effectively with virtual server hosting.

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