Server Colocation Services

Off-site Hosting That Keeps You in Control and Boosts Performance

Your Server Boosted
by the Power of a Large Data Center

Controlling costs and being resilient is critical to your success. If you want the features of a large IT department without many of the associated costs, colocation server hosting is an option that can’t be ignored.

Whether you’re a large Florida business trying to address its sizable hosting demands or a startup company that needs reliable access to remote hosting, you’ll find your solution at Atlas Professional Services. Our server colocation services and other hosting solutions allow our clients to get immense value from their systems. Atlas uses Peak 10 infrastructure and cloud services to ensure that our clients’ servers and systems are secure, stable and always easy to access.

Dedicated Colocation Server Hosting Services
from Atlas Professional Services

Maintain control over your server while enjoying the power and reliability of a large data center.

Easily Scale

Your server hosting needs can change in an instant—skyrocketing overnight and, at other times, dipping drastically low. We’ll scale your services up or down based on your specifications.

Get Worry-Free Infrastructure and Connectivity

Why bog down your budget with having to buy and maintain a climate-controlled data center, with high-bandwidth speeds and redundancy? We’ll do it for you, so you can put all your attention on strategic business operations.

Improve Security and Stability

Physical and virtual security, as well as the ability to keep servers running even during a power outage or natural disaster, are essential for keeping a constant online presence. We’ll put state-of-the-art security systems, as well as multiple backup generators and contingencies in place to ensure there’s never an interruption in service.

Enjoy Predictable Pricing

Turn unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses. We’ll make budgeting IT costs easier and allocating resources more efficient.

Strengthen security and reduce costs using a shared data center.

Complimentary IT Assessment & Consultation

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