Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services

Strategic Technology Guidance When You Need It

The Benefits of a CIO at a Fraction of the Cost

IT is critical to your success, but requires constant care and planning to support today’s operations and position you for a bigger, better future. But, with limited in-house resources, critical activities like technology assessments, strategic planning and drawing up a refresh schedule always seem to end up on the back burner.

Atlas Professional Services partners with you to strategize for the future with our virtual CIO (vCIO) services. Working remotely in concert with your team, we’ll learn your processes inside and out, and continuously work to find ways to improve them. Even better, we do all this at a much lower rate than hiring a dedicated in-house resource.

Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services
from Atlas Professional Services

Through strategic planning, we’ll ensure your technology is optimized and leveraged to maximize ROI.

Gain Proactive Insights

We’ll conduct a network assessment, inventory your IT systems and identify potential risks, such as security lapses. We’ll also evaluate your data backup and quantify the real impact of power outages and downtime, then make recommendations to close any gaps.

Make Better Decisions

Uninformed choices often cause irreparable damage. We’ll do the legwork and research necessary to make strategic, cost-effective IT decisions.

Tap into the Latest Information

Keeping up to date on the latest technologies and protocols can be a challenge. We’ll provide you with information about relevant IT changes so you can stay competitive and deliver the best service.

Save money

A virtual CIO understands your organization and its vision for success, but without the hefty price tag. We’ll uncover and resolve issues, simplify processes, identify ways to improve performance and make sure your technology supports you in the years ahead.

Get a fresh, forward-thinking perspective
on how to achieve your goals