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vCIO: Optimize Your Technology Without Adding an Employee


A strong IT infrastructure is critical to your success. Yet, many companies lack the resources to hire a full-time CIO, and critical activities like technology assessments and strategic planning are often overlooked. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. With our virtual CIO (vCIO) services in Tampa Bay, Atlas Professional Services can partner with your team to strategize for the future and address your IT needs.

Working in concert with your internal team, our IT experts will learn your processes inside and out, and continually look for areas of improvement. The best part – we do this all at a much lower rate than what it would cost to hire a dedicated in-house CIO.

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Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services in Tampa from Atlas Professional Services

With years of experience and technology expertise, Atlas will ensure your technology is optimized and leveraged to maximize ROI.



With our virtual CIO (vCIO) services in Tampa, our team will conduct a proactive network assessment of your IT systems. This will include identifying potential risks, such as security threats. We’ll also quantify the impact of power outages and IT downtime. Then, we’ll provide recommendations and close any gaps before problems arise.



Your IT should serve your company now and in the future. With technology changing at a rapid pace, keeping up with the latest advances can be a challenge. Our vCIO will do the legwork necessary to make strategic, cost-effective IT suggestions that will serve your organization for years to come.



As your business grows and goals shift, staying up-to-date with the latest technology can be a challenge. Our virtual CIO services will provide relevant information about the latest IT changes so that you can stay competitive.



A vCIO provides the strategic insight and know-how of an in-house CIO, without the cost associated with hiring a full-time employee. Our virtual CIO solutions provide you with years of experience to help identify areas of improvement and drive your business forward.

FAQs About vCIO Services

What is a virtual CIO, or vCIO?

A virtual CIO is an outsourced Chief Information Officer. Rather than hiring an in-house CIO, some organizations may find it more beneficial to outsource this important role.

How does Atlas provide vCIO services?

Atlas includes vCIO services in all fully managed IT engagements. That means that in addition to having access to a support team that’s available 24/7, our clients also benefit from the high-level planning and strategy of a CIO. We can also provide vCIO services to our co-managed clients when a need arises.

How does a vCIO differ from a high-level engineer or help desk technician?

Our team members who provide vCIO support have many years of experience in information technology budget, strategy and long-term planning throughout many client verticals. The vCIO helps the client avoid collecting IT debt so that IT-related expenditures don’t impede growth of the company.

When supporting clients, what are the goals of the vCIO?

A vCIO’s primary responsibilities include helping our clients to be more productive, save money and plan for the future. In terms of productivity, they will look at all aspects of infrastructure and security to make sure the organization is maximizing every hour an employee works.

Our virtual CIOs search for ways to streamline efficiencies and IT spend, whether by looking for cost-cutting solutions or helping to plan IT-related expenses for the fiscal year.

For example, we recently took on a client with 14 locations and a large infrastructure. Our vCIO did a big-picture assessment and recommended updating the network, refreshing some of the local hardware, and putting the most critical applications in the cloud. That way, the apps at those 14 locations would still be accessible if the main office goes offline or there’s a server failure.

When does the vCIO engage with a client?

At Atlas, our virtual CIO is available to back up account managers and our sales team to bring a deeper level of technical knowledge to conversations. At this point, the vCIO can elaborate on the prospect’s or client’s specific IT needs, services and implementation to help achieve their goals.

Also, our vCIOs support our engineers at all times. If there are IT issues that need a high-level approach to trouble-shooting or long-term planning, our vCIOs jump in.

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