Getting Clients through the Storm: Praise after Hurricane Irma

September 13, 2017
Hurricane Irma image

Getting Clients through the Storm: Praise after Hurricane Irma

Our President and CEO received the below email from one of our real estate investment clients on September 12, a couple of days after Hurricane Irma hit Florida and wiped out power for millions of homes and businesses across the state. We love getting this kind of feedback and feel immense pride at being able to support our clients in good times and bad. Tampa business disaster recovery is just one of the many services we provide to keep our clients running smoothly and efficiently.

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to send you a little note saying how grateful we are for Atlas during this time!  I am not sure what you know about our situation but we ended up having to spin up the latest Datto backup and have users install OpenVPN to access with license keys.  Our building is in zone A and was conducting a planned power outage in preparation for the hurricane on Saturday so we had to rush and get the virtual server up and running on Friday.  Ben was awesome in getting this done for us and I thoroughly appreciate all his help!  We had another road block in that most of our users are not admins on their PCs but users so that presented a problem.  We also had a BSOD on the virtual server and Randy stepped in to assist.  Anthony and Linda were also instrumental in helping out our users gain access and I believe one of them had to write a script in order to allow users to download the OpenVPN client.  I know there were others on the help desk that helped us too!

Our building still does not have power and it might be late tomorrow or the next day before we are allowed back in the office.  We are still utilizing Atlas for issues as they arise but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Atlas and the employees you have there!  It makes our job a whole lot easier knowing we have such great people backing us up and in our corner!!

Hope all is well and that you survived the storm with minimal issues!

Oh and I almost forgot (not that it’s hard to forget him) but Nate reached out today just to see how we were doing! Again, having someone checking in and being in our corner is so awesome!!

You guys rock!