Team Member Spotlight: Jef Thompson

December 17, 2019
Jef Thompson headshot

Team Member Spotlight: Jef Thompson

Welcome to Atlas Professional Services’ monthly Team Member Spotlight! Here, you will get to know more about our staff – from their career backgrounds and business advice, to their favorite hobbies, music and more – in their own words.

This Month’s Spotlight:

Jef Thompson, Senior Systems Engineer

  • Tell us a little about your career and educational/professional background.

I am a network security engineer with a background in routing and switching. I have installed hundreds of firewalls, networks, and wireless networks in the course of my career.

  • What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing your line of work?

Find the specialty that you are interested in the most (Analyst, DBA, Developer, Network, Sysadmin, etc.) and learn everything you can about it. Then it’s a dream job.

Jef Thompson

  • What do you like most about working in the IT industry, in general?

I have enjoyed being part of the growth of the Internet. It has fascinated me since 1994 and still does.

  • What are some of your personal hobbies outside of work?

I am into Tiki culture and I like arts/crafts, history, movies, music, sci-fi and lots of other stuff, too.

  • What are some small things that make your day better?

Eating at strange places during my travels. Working with other people who like computers, too.

Lightning Round

  • One word to describe you: Humble 🙂
  • Your Spirit Animal: Mandrill Baboon
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Song: Many
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween