An Interview with Connie Minisci of Steven Anthony Luxury Homes

December 14, 2022
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An Interview with Connie Minisci of Steven Anthony Luxury Homes

Atlas Professional Services has been providing Steven Anthony Luxury Homes managed IT services since May 2022.

As a fast-growing luxury home builder, the company’s IT needs have changed dramatically over the years. And they required an IT partner that could grow with them in the construction industry. Steven Anthony Luxury Homes has been so pleased with the level of remote IT support Atlas has provided they offered this Tampa MSP review.

About Steven Anthony Luxury Homes

Steven Anthony Luxury Homes designs and builds luxurious, modern, technologically advanced custom homes throughout the Tampa Bay area, such as the one pictured above. The firm works with the most discerning clientele and offers a personalized experience that makes them one of the premier luxury builders in the area.

With two-thirds of its employees working in the field, staying connected through technology is important to the work the company does. Cybersecurity is also a top priority, as the company handles sensitive financial information and regularly communicates from personal devices and iPads while on jobsites.

The Challenge: Managed IT Services to Fit Growing Business

Founded in 2018, Steven Anthony Luxury Homes is a relatively new company. As a startup, the founder and a few associates relied heavily on their personal computers and individual access to tools like Dropbox and Microsoft Office. Eventually, they hired a small managed IT services provider to help manage the company’s growing IT needs.

“We were very cost-conscious at that stage, and chose a company that had one, maybe two, people to help us with IT,” said Connie Minisci, Controller for Modern Capital Group, the parent company of Steven Anthony Luxury Homes. “As we grew, we realized they were not a good fit. I firmly believe that the only way a small business can be competitive is with strong technology. And we got to a place where we needed a lot more strength than what our provider was offering.”

The Solution: Atlas Managed IT Services

Luckily, Connie knew just who to call. Steven Rogai, founder of Steven Anthony Luxury Homes, has been a close friend of Atlas President Greg Zolkos since childhood. He also  built the Zolkos’s new home.

“We knew so much about the company already and were ready to dedicate the budget to get the level of service that we needed,” said Minisci.

In mid-2022, Steven Anthony Luxury Homes engaged Atlas Professional Services to provide managed IT services. This includes managing workstations for all employees, providing remote IT support, proactively deploying cybersecurity solutions, and overseeing migration to new tools such as a project management system.

“Atlas has the skillset we were looking for,” said Minisci. “They also offer brains, personality, and great customer service, which is hard to find in the IT industry.”

The Results: A Proactive Partner

Over the last six months, Atlas has helped Steven Anthony Luxury Homes enhance cybersecurity, improve communication, and make the most of its existing IT systems.

Employees now have access to the full Microsoft 365suite, and document storage has been moved to SharePoint. Using SharePoint, the company can grant employees and vendors privileges to view and share documents. This has improved communication among the team and enhanced security measures.

“When you have people spread out among the office and jobsites, communication is really important to the flow of your business,” said Minisci. “Thanks to the tools that Atlas has deployed, we now have really efficient communication that is also secure.”

Atlas’ proactive approach to cybersecurity has also been put to the test during the first six months of partnership with Steven Anthony Luxury Homes. When Minisci’s email was hacked, she said Atlas was right there to resolve the issue quickly.

“You can never totally prevent a hack in today’s environment,” said Minisci. “But to know that you have them {the Atlas team}, and they can see where the attack happened, resolve it quickly and then update your password and authentication is a huge relief.”

For Minisci, the biggest benefit of working with Atlas has been the company’s proactive approach to all things IT.

“IT is ever-changing, so you need someone who stays on the cutting edge,” she added. “Atlas stays ahead of things. They’re professional about explaining things in detail and presenting a detailed proposal on what they’re suggesting. That’s a great help in today’s times, because things are changing so quickly.”



*Home pictured above built by Steven Anthony Luxury Homes*