Atlas Provides Air Animal with Timely IT Support

October 25, 2018
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Atlas Provides Air Animal with Timely IT Support

Atlas Professional Services Review

Tampa-based Air Animal has been working with Atlas Professional Services for more than eight years. During that time, Atlas has provided the company with outstanding IT support and helped modify the organization’s IT needs to accommodate growth. The company is so pleased with the level of service they’ve received, they offered this Atlas Professional Services review.

About Air Animal

Air Animal is a family-owned pet relocation service founded by veterinarian Dr. Walter Woolf. For more than 40 years, the company has helped families relocate their animals to and from destinations across the globe. It has grown to be one of the most comprehensive and well-respected pet shipping companies in the U.S.

The bulk of Air Animal’s work is dependent on technology, including new client requests and shipment tracking. So, having a reliable IT network is important to the success of the organization and its clients.

The Challenge

For years, Air Animal conducted its business over the phone using paper forms to collect information and manage client interactions. With the widespread availability of the personal computer, they then found a software program to help calculate costs and eventually transitioned to a fully-digital environment.

Over the years, Air Animal began using technology to build the business and eventually created a website that could accept new client requests. To manage the website and other IT needs, Dr. Woolf partnered with a number of solo practitioners in the area. However, the service was lacking.

“We operate a 24/7 global business, so if our computers fail or don’t run properly we’re out of business,” said Dr. Woolf. “While our providers were well-intentioned, their service wasn’t the best and we became less important over time. Eventually, it would take two to four weeks to get a response, and that’s not acceptable.”

The Solution

With IT now being an important part of his business, Dr. Woolf began the search for a more reliable managed service provider (MSP). He met with Atlas Professional Services.

“With the other companies I spoke with, all I heard was ‘me, me, me.’ But Greg talked about ‘us’ and ‘we’ and really wanted to know more about the company and our resources,” said Dr. Woolf. “There was no other choice, really. It was a slam dunk.”

With that, Air Animal hired Atlas to manage its IT services. This included email support, computer IT solutions, server and network services.

The Results & Atlas Professional Services Review

For the last eight years, Atlas has provided Air Animal with timely IT services when and where they needed it.

“We tend to stay with a company that is responsive to us, that understands our business, and that can grow and change with us as the marketplace changes,” said Dr. Woolf. “Atlas checks all of those boxes. If they agree to do something, they do it, and quickly.”

Currently, Air Animal has 17 employees at two locations – Tampa and Orlando. Keeping its people connected through the network is important. Planning for the future is also important to Dr. Woolf and his team.

“Atlas told us recently that we should start thinking about a new server. They didn’t come to us with this news when it was an emergency. They said ‘let’s talk about the cost and the timing and have you ready,’” said Dr. Woolf. “You want to have a company that will grow with you, and they have.”

We greatly appreciate Dr. Woolf’s taking the time to give this Atlas Professional Services review! Contact us today if your business needs help shaping up its IT program.