Atlas helps Kemco Systems’ CFO better manage security, risk

November 22, 2019
Kemco Systems machinery

Atlas helps Kemco Systems’ CFO better manage security, risk

Kemco Systems began working with Atlas Professional Services in 2019 after experiencing a number of challenges with their previous IT services provider. Since partnering with Atlas, the organization has improved security protocols, enhanced their IT infrastructure and reduced their IT risk. The company was so pleased with the service they’ve received, they offered this review for anyone needing Clearwater IT services.

About Kemco Systems

Kemco Systems designs and manufactures energy and water conservation systems and equipment for a variety of applications. This includes water re-use/recycle, wastewater treatment, filtration and more. Based in Clearwater, the company manufactures the systems and oversees fabrication and installation on-site.

As with any business today, technology is important in getting the job done. Employees in the office and those off-site must share information and keep data secure.

The Challenge

When Joanie Vergo, CFO of Kemco Systems, joined the organization in 2019, the company’s IT was in complete disarray. Until mid-2018, IT was being handled internally by a team member whose full-time job was in another department. IT was then outsourced for a short time to an out-of-state provider.

“This is a 50-year-old company that never had proper IT,” said Vergo. “Not only were we behind technologically, we were way behind on [cyber]security. The person in charge of IT was in over their head.”

The Solution

Having worked with Atlas at her previous company, one of the first things Joanie did was hire Atlas. Joanie knew she needed Clearwater IT services that could scale with her company. She also wanted a partner who could be a sounding board on issues such as security.

“The way business has transformed IT and security are placed on the shoulders of the CFO. While I have expertise in Finance and Accounting, I don’t in IT,” said Vergo. “I needed someone to advise me as we navigate things like security, working remotely and servers.”

In addition, Joanie knew that she wanted to work with a Tampa Bay-based company that could provide Clearwater IT services.

“Working with someone local was important to me,” said Vergo. “I wanted to have people here who could come to our office if needed and a help desk where my team could call or email if they had any issues.”

Today, Atlas serves as Kemco’s managed IT services provider. Atlas handles everything from email support to data backup and recovery. The company’s Clearwater IT support has also made enhancements to Kemco System’s firewall and security protocols.

The Results

Since working with Atlas, IT is no longer a problem that Joanie worries about. She also feels more prepared for the internal controls testing and IT controls portions of the company’s audit.

“As part of your audit, they will do an IT audit and assess the risk that your business is exposed to through IT,” said Vergo. “Since working with Atlas, our risk significantly down. I can also turn the auditors over to Atlas and they can answer any questions and address concerns with the auditor directly. I rely on them no differently than I would a Kemco employee in that regard.”

Joanie also trusts that Atlas is proactively assessing her company’s IT risks and bringing solutions to her before an issue arises.

“It’s nice to know that I have the knowledge base of an entire company to pull from, without the cost of employing an IT department in house,” said Vergo. “They have been a trusted partner and made a big difference in our organization in a short amount of time. I fully recommend Atlas to anyone looking for IT help.”

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