How ConnectWise Helps Us Better Serve Our Co-Managed Service Clients

May 7, 2018
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How ConnectWise Helps Us Better Serve Our Co-Managed Service Clients

Whether you are looking to fill gaps in expertise, add hours of coverage or leverage specific knowledge for projects, co-managed IT solutions have become a popular solution for companies in Tampa with an in-house IT team that needs extra support.

There are many benefits to the co-managed IT solutions model. At Atlas, one of them is the technology that clients can access as part of their engagement. We are the only Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the Tampa Bay area that allows clients to use ConnectWise – a business management software suite – as part of our co-managed IT solutions.

Below are three ways ConnectWise helps us better serve our co-managed IT solutions clients.

  1. It helps our team stay organized and on-task

Internally, ConnectWise has brought a tremendous amount of organization and process improvement to our team so that we can better serve our clients. ConnectWise Manage allows us to assign tickets to our engineers when a client issue arises and document all requests and resolutions for increased visibility. It can also be used to assign tasks to our support staff for tasks such as renewing client licenses and product procurement. In addition, the tool allows us to create custom workflows and notifications. It also alerts our managers if there is ever an issue.

Essentially, it provides a highly customizable project management tool. This keeps our team on track and ensures that we are providing the highest level of customer service possible. Because we can track each ticket, there is also never a question on where our team is in the process of resolving client tickets.

  1. It streamlines collaboration with in-house IT teams

 All of our co-managed IT solutions clients are granted access to ConnectWise so that our engineers can truly work together with in-house IT teams. In-house IT staff can see the dashboard, allocate tickets and resources, check the status of open items and communicate directly with our team. This arrangement provides our clients with better visibility, more streamlined collaboration and full transparency.

Using the ConnectWise dashboard, internal IT teams can also easily assign tickets to our engineers when they are unavailable or need help resolving an issue. This is great when an internal team member is out sick or on vacation. It provides a seamless transition from their team to ours. Overall, the tool makes it easier for us to serve our clients. They better understand what we’re doing and how.

  1. It provides our clients with customized tool

Any IT team can purchase and use ConnectWise in-house. But, it does require a certain level of customization to reap all of the benefits of the tool. When you partner with Atlas, our dedicated staff works with your team to customize the tool to meet your unique needs and enhance the user experience. Many companies simply don’t have the resources to manage this task, which leaves them using a tool that does not mesh with their current network or workflow. That’s not the case for our co-managed IT solutions clients in Tampa.

We recognize that not every client’s network is the same, and everyone’s IT environment will be a little different. The same holds true for the ConnectWise tool. While some settings may work for one client, they may not for another. Our team is skilled at talking through all of the options and customizing the tool to meet your exact needs.

Atlas is a strong partner with ConnectWise and has been featured at their annual conference – IT Nation. Interested in learning more about ConnectWise or our co-managed IT solutions in Tampa? Contact us today to see how we can help.