5 Advantages of Co-Managed Services

January 31, 2017
IT Support Tampa

5 Advantages of Co-Managed Services

Prioritizing IT projects and security tasks can be challenging for organizations with limited internal resources. Managing your IT infrastructure often takes more time and resources than most small-to-medium businesses can handle. The co-managed model has significant cost and operational benefits for firms that need to fill the gaps in their in-house IT. Here are five advantages of the co-managed model.

  1. Gain After-Hours Coverage

Your team works round-the-clock, especially when traveling. Co-managed service providers provide support outside of normal business hours so your IT team can take the night off.

  1. Augment Your IT Staff

Maximize your IT team’s time—let a co-managed service provider handle routine maintenance and troubleshooting. You’ll also benefit from additional support during peak demand periods, so your internal IT team doesn’t have to stop working on major projects for small emergencies.

  1. Access IT Expertise on Demand

If you run into issues that you don’t know how to resolve internally, your co-managed support team can provide expertise for IT problems your employees have less experience resolving.


  1. Boost Productivity

A co-managed service model typically covers routine maintenance, upgrades and patches. Your systems will run more efficiently, resulting in fewer interruptions to operations.

  1. Increase Security

Co-managed service providers invest a great deal of time and money into security and IT compliance infrastructure. Instead of investing in expensive software and hardware, you can partner with a co-managed service provider. You reap the benefits of their security investments and eliminate security monitoring and upgrading from your task list.

Co-managed services enhance your existing staff and absorb the responsibilities that they don’t have the time or experience to execute. They are a cost-effective component of a strategic IT plan, especially for organizations that want or need to maintain some level of control of their infrastructure. Learn more about how co-managed services can help improve your IT while easing the workload.