Atlas helps Tampa Bay Chamber increase productivity, better serve members

July 20, 2020
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Atlas Professional Services Review

The Tampa Bay Chamber has been working with Atlas Professional Services for over a year. During that time, Atlas has served as the Chamber’s Managed Service Provider (MSP), essentially acting as an outsourced IT department. The organization’s leadership is so pleased with the level of service they’ve received, they offered this Atlas Professional Services review.

About the Tampa Bay Chamber

The Tampa Bay Chamber, based in Tampa, is a not-for-profit business membership organization that helps promote the businesses and business interests of its members. The Chamber’s over 1,100 member companies include small businesses, big corporations, government bodies and the military.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Atlas, the Chamber was working with another MSP. When it came time to lease new computers for the Chamber’s nearly 20 employees, which the organization does around every three years, problems arose.

“We’d gone through this change process and it didn’t go well,” said Tampa Bay Chamber CEO Bob Rohrlack. “The machines wouldn’t log on, or they wouldn’t boot up, or they would move so slowly.”

The MSP was unable to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

“It was having a severe impact on our work productivity and was getting to the point where members were starting to see the impact, and that wasn’t acceptable,” said Rohrlack. “We knew we needed to make a change and make it quick.”

The Solution

The Chamber put out a bid to its members who offered managed IT services, and Atlas Professional Services responded.

“With Atlas, we felt a good connection that they understood what we needed and how we work,” Rohrlack said. “We were comfortable that they were hearing what we were saying and also what we were not saying, in reading between the lines of what our needs were. They were also very natural in explaining technical language in a way we could understand.”

The Chamber hired Atlas as its Managed Service Provider in the spring of 2019. 

The Results & Atlas Professional Services Review

During Atlas’s time working with the Chamber, the Chamber moved into a temporary office space while its permanent office was being remodeled, and then back into the permanent space.

Atlas managed moving all the Chamber’s IT equipment into the temporary space, setting up its network with a new internet provider and setting up the capability for remote users. When it was time to move back in, the Atlas team moved all data equipment to a new data closet in the newly remodeled suite. They also connected the Chamber to two internet providers for redundancy and connected new VOIP phones to the data network.

“It was a smooth process both times,” Rohrlack said. “They were onsite handing all of it, getting it taken care of.”

Rohrlack has also appreciated Atlas’s speedy response and resolution time.

“When we have a need, it’s usually something that’s impacting our productivity or our members, and we have to get it resolved quickly. We needed to know we had that infrastructure in place to get issues resolved right away when we need help. Atlas can jump in day or night or over the weekend to get things done for us.”

In the end, it all comes down to the Chamber’s focus on member service.

“Our experience with Atlas has been very good,” Rohrlack said. “We’re able to be more productive, to not miss a beat, and to be there for our members.”