Atlas Helps Seer Analytics Save Money, Improve IT

June 12, 2018
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Atlas Helps Seer Analytics Save Money, Improve IT

Tampa-based Seer Analytics has been working with Atlas Professional Services for more than three years. During that time, Atlas helped the company understand its IT infrastructure and put in place a solid action plan to take control of its IT network, including hardware, software and cloud-based solutions. The company is so pleased with the level of service they’ve received, they offered this Atlas Professional Services review.

Atlas Professional Services Review

About Seer Analytics

Seer Analytics is a consumer research company that provides clients with the information they need to make better decisions. With the bulk of work dependent on technology, having an IT network that is reliable and scalable is important to the success of the organization and its clients.

The Challenge

Three years ago, Nate Valentin joined the company as VP of Product Development. At the same time, the company added application development to its roster of services, making technology an even more important part of business operations. However, Nate quickly found that the existing IT network, along with legacy hardware and software were not in order.

“It was almost as if someone’s buddy came and set up our IT network and servers,” said Valentin. “You name it, we had an issue. We were paying for software licenses we weren’t using and monitoring computers that were no longer online. Also, we had server software that was out of date that I didn’t even know how to access. We were not even backing up all of our production servers.”

The Solution

Realizing the issues that the IT network presented, Valentin started interviewing local managed service providers (MSPs) to replace the current provider. He met with Atlas Professional Services.

“Other companies came in with their sales pitches and told us all about the stuff that we needed but they didn’t necessarily address our challenges or my goals for Seer,” said Nate. “With Atlas, I felt like I could trust them and that they would be a true partner in our IT growth. Greg was upfront as far as what he thought was realistic and within budget and was honest about the challenges we might face.”

With that, Seer Analytics hired Atlas to manage all of its IT services, including data backup and recovery, email support, computer IT solutions, server and network services. Atlas also helped Seer Analytics transition to managed servers (vs. local) and Office 365, as well as become a HIPAA-compliant vendor to serve healthcare clients.

The Results & Atlas Professional Services Review

For Atlas, step one was understanding the company’s existing IT network. From there, experts developed a plan to help achieve their goals. In doing so, they uncovered a number of ways for Seer Analytics to save on their IT spending. This included migrating to Office365 and upgrading the company’s hard drives instead of buying new servers.

“They also sent me a note saying ‘these five terminals aren’t being used, we should stop monitoring them.’ This means less money for them every month, but that’s just the kind of people that they are,” said Nate. “A lot of companies treat their clients as a commodity, but with Atlas it’s a true partnership. They’re a strategic partner, and I know that they have my best interest in mind.”

We greatly appreciate Nate taking the time to give this Atlas Professional Services review! Contact us today if your business needs help shaping up its IT program.