Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for Hosting

August 25, 2022
cloud-based server Microsoft Azure logo

Cloud-based server options, like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, have become popular among businesses in recent years. They offer lower overhead costs than on-site servers and added security features and data recovery services. So, it’s no wonder businesses are making the move to the cloud.

While there are pros and cons of both cloud-based servers and on-site servers, at Atlas we recommend the majority of our clients use Microsoft Azure for their server hosting needs. Azure is a business-class tool that works well with other Microsoft products. As a cloud-based server, it also offers several benefits that on-site servers do not.

Below are a few benefits of using Microsoft Azure as your businesses’ cloud-based server.

  1. Scalability as your business grows

If your business is growing quickly, it’s likely that your server needs will grow, too. With Microsoft Azure, and other cloud-based servers, your business can easily scale storage up or down to meet your needs. The payment model for cloud-based servers also allows you to only pay for what you need. This can be much more cost-effective than purchasing large on-site servers you may never use.

  1. Enhanced data recovery and backup services

Servers house files, applications, websites, remote access for your employees and more. Basically, anything you need to keep your business running from an IT standpoint. In the event of a disaster, cloud-based servers have built-in redundancies that allow for speedy data recovery. With Microsoft Azure, you can replicate an entire environment as if the data was never lost. Meaning your team can get back to work with as little downtime as possible.

  1. Built-in maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of on-site servers is the large upfront investment in equipment. The equipment must also be consistently maintained and upgraded to ensure it’s running effectively. This can include needing to replace expensive on-site servers when they become obsolete. However, with Microsoft Azure, server maintenance and updates are included in your monthly subscription fee. This ensures your cloud-based servers are always up-to-date. It also frees up your internal IT team to focus on other issues.

When considering cloud-based servers, we believe Microsoft Azure is more user-friendly than AWS and offers a number of other key benefits. Because Azure is a Microsoft product, it’s also built with businesses in mind. Users can classify and segment information and archive information they’re no longer using.

Interested in deploying Microsoft Azure as your cloud-based server? Contact us to learn how Atlas can help you transition to the cloud and start realizing the benefits today.