3 Ways Atlas Can Help Organizations Achieve HIPAA Compliance

July 31, 2018
Healthcare laptop

Ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) security rule is an important task for organizations that have access to sensitive health information or work with companies that do. Wondering how to become HIPAA compliant? Keep reading for three ways that Atlas Professional Services can help your organization with HIPAA compliance technology.

What is HIPAA?

Aimed at protecting sensitive patient information, HIPAA regulations focus on privacy practices and address vulnerabilities in the electronic transfer of private health information. The goal of these regulations is to prevent:

  • Data leaks
  • Data breaches
  • Improper use of information by company employees

Wondering how to become HIPAA compliant? Below are three ways that Atlas Professional Services can help your company ensure compliance with the HIPAA security rule.

  1. Provide the necessary tools for self-assessment 

Organizations following strict HIPAA guidelines should regularly conduct self-assessments using HIPAA compliance technology. This will help ensure compliance with all HIPAA requirements. This is also a great tool for organizations that work with healthcare companies but do not store patient information, such as marketing firms and direct mail companies. It can show clients these organizations are compliant with basic HIPAA regulations.

At Atlas, our team can assist organizations in performing a self-assessment using our HIPAA compliance technology tool. This software provides feedback on the organization’s compliance with all HIPAA regulations. It can identify vulnerabilities that may need to be addressed.

  1. Offer strategic guidance following a third-party audit

For healthcare companies that store sensitive patient information, such as doctor’s offices or insurance companies, a third-party audit may be required to ensure compliance with the HIPAA security rule. However, not all organizations have an internal IT department with the experience to decipher the results of this audit or understanding to know what to do next.

At Atlas, our team can review the results of a third-party audit. We will then provide expert advice on how to address vulnerabilities and bolster data security. No matter the size or experience of your in-house IT staff, our team can provide advice and assistance. We’ll ensure your data is safe and secure and that your technology is fully HIPAA compliant.

  1. Implement proven data security measures

Whether you require a HIPAA self-assessment or a third-party assessment, or you’re just looking to improve data security to attract healthcare clients, Atlas Professional Services can help your organization implement proven data security measures. From secure WiFi networks and email servers to a strong data backup and recovery plan and employee training around data security.

After a review or audit of your company, our team can manage implementing improved security measures from top to bottom. We’ll even work alongside the third-party auditor to ensure that we have thoroughly addressed vulnerabilities.

Whether you work in the health IT industry or alongside companies that do, Atlas Professional Services can help you become HIPAA compliant. Contact us today to find out how to become HIPAA compliant.