An Interview with CEO Doug King of M.E. Wilson

September 29, 2021
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Q&A with CEO Doug King of M.E. Wilson

Atlas’ Technology Support Services Help Tampa’s Oldest Insurance Brokerage

M.E. Wilson, Tampa’s oldest insurance brokerage, has been working with Atlas Professional Services for two years. During that time, Atlas has served as the company’s Managed Service Provider (MSP). In essence, Atlas works as the company’s outsourced IT department. We caught up with Doug King, CEO of M.E. Wilson, to hear what he thinks of Atlas’ technology support services.

Doug King Headshot

Doug King, CEO of M.E. Wilson

Q: First, can you tell us a little about M.E. Wilson?

A: We’re a Tampa-based insurance brokerage that’s been in business for 102 years. Our focus is on providing the highest quality service and operating with a heart. The firm concentrates on large, complicated insurance programs. We focus on risk management, property and casualty, and benefits.

Our eight offices span from Pensacola down to Naples. We currently have 120 employees, and our team continues to grow. We’re in a period of rapid expansion, making thoughtful acquisitions around the state. In fact, we were included on the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Fast 50 list this year.

Q: What prompted you to consider hiring Atlas Professional Services?

A: We had been working with another MSP for a long time, and our technology support services weren’t where they needed to be. It can be hard to move to another provider. But, after talking to Atlas, we thought they’d be a natural fit for us and decided to make the move.

Q: What were you looking for in a technology support services provider?

A: We were looking for consistency and professionalism. We also wanted to feel like the provider was up to speed on the most advanced technologies and IT solutions for businesses.

Q: Can you tell us how Atlas has helped address your IT issues?

A: One thing they’ve done a really great job with is getting the new branches on the same IT platform and aligned with the rest of the company. They bring everyone together and keep everyone working together. Their team has been patient and persistent in getting everyone on board, which can be hard to do as a new provider.

Also, we now feel more secure with our cybersecurity. This is especially crucial since the pandemic has prompted more remote working. Atlas has been very responsive and communicative with what we need to do to protect everyone. They’ve also been a big help with making sure we meet all the cybersecurity standards required by our private equity partner.

Q: Overall, how has your experience been working with Atlas?

A: They’ve done a great job, are very helpful, the response time is great and they get problems solved. Working with Atlas has been an upgrade – we rate them five stars.

Thank you, Doug, for sharing your experience with us!

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