Team Member Spotlight: Jen Mowery

April 24, 2019
Jen Mowery Headshot

Team Member Spotlight: Jen Mowery

Welcome to Atlas Professional Services’ monthly Team Member Spotlight! Here, you will get to know more about our staff – from their career backgrounds and business advice, to their favorite hobbies, music and more – in their own words.

This Month’s Spotlight:

Jen Mowery, Sales Administrator

  • What are some of your personal hobbies outside of work?

When I am not spending time with family, I enjoy going to concerts, theme parks or just hanging out on the beach.

Jen Mowery 1

  • Tell us about your family and where you’re from.

I am a native Floridian and grew up in the Tampa area.  My entire family, immediate and extended, all live in the area as well, so we are very close and see each other often.

  • What was the first concert you attended?

‘NSYNC when I was 13.

  • What pets did you have while you were growing up?

We had several different pets while growing up. We always had cats and dogs, but also a turtle, rabbit and hamster.

  • What TV shows are you into?

Anything on Bravo! Mainly all of the Real Housewives shows.

Lightning Round

Jen in TN

One word to describe you: Reliable

Your Spirit Animal: Hummingbird

Favorite Movie: I love any and all scary movies

Favorite Song: Heartache on the Dance Floor by Jon Pardi

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite Place: Tennessee