Why Your Business Needs Endpoint Detection and Response

April 7, 2022

Why Your Business Needs Endpoint Detection and Response

As cybercriminals get more and more savvy, anti-virus and malware protection are no longer enough to protect businesses from cyberattacks. So, network and endpoint threat detection and prevention tools have become more important than ever. These include cybersecurity tools such as:

What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity solution that consolidates data across all endpoints to provide a full picture of potential cybersecurity threats. IT professionals will install the EDR solution on each user’s computer. Then, the EDR software will monitor the system for malicious activity, much like an antivirus software.

While traditional anti-virus and anti-malware protection only monitor for known viruses, EDR solutions can identify ransomware, unknown malware and malicious activity. It does this by looking at your system, ensuring that all activity is behaving the way it is supposed to.

For example, if there is malicious code hidden in an Excel file, the EDR solution will flag the file because it is behaving unlike a traditional Excel file. The EDR solution then quarantines the file and removes it before it can do any damage to the system.

Why Your Business Needs EDR

  1. It provides a layered approach to cybersecurity

An EDR solution is a critical component of a multi-layered cybersecurity program. When businesses combine an EDR solution with next-generation anti-virus software and malware protection, this helps prevent and detect even the most advanced, targeted cyberattacks. Layering cybersecurity tools can protect businesses against data breaches and other attacks that can be very costly to recover from.

  1. It fills a gap in traditional anti-virus protection

The cybersecurity threat landscape has drastically changed over the last several years. Cybercriminals are creating thousands of malicious codes each day. Anti-virus and malware protection are no longer enough to keep up with the current threat landscape. EDR solutions can detect and remediate threats that may never be caught by anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. This provides you and your business protection from all malware – not just known threats.

  1. It can reduce your cyber-insurance premiums

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to change, many businesses have invested in cyber-insurance to protect from various technology-related risks. Cyber-insurance offers coverage to help businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover financially from cyberattacks. Many insurance companies have begun requiring businesses to have an EDR solution in place to secure coverage. Meanwhile, others offer lower premiums for businesses that use an EDR solution.

  1. It protects against human error

The weakest point in any business’ cybersecurity continues to be its employees. While most employers require cybersecurity training, human error still causes the majority of cyberattacks. With an EDR solution in place, even if an employee downloads a malicious file, the tool will quarantine and remove the virus before it causes any damage.

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