Atlas Helps Rizzetta Resolve IT Issues, Outsource Support

August 5, 2019

Atlas Helps Rizzetta Resolve IT Issues, Outsource Support

Rizzetta & Company has been working with Atlas since 2006. Over the years, Rizzetta attempted to manage IT in-house, but kept coming back to Atlas after their break-fix model of support wasn’t working. Today, Atlas provides Rizzetta with small business tech support in Tampa. Atlas has helped the company to resolve IT issues and better manage their environment.

The company is so pleased with the level of service they’ve received, they offered this testimonial highlighting why you should outsource your IT department. 

About Rizzetta & Company

Rizzetta & Company is a professional community management and consulting firm that provides services to residential and commercial communities throughout the state of Florida.

The organization has eight offices across the state and uses technology to communicate between locations, and with clients and vendors. Technology is important in their field. Team members must have access to email, phone and software systems to effectively do their jobs.

The Challenge

Rizzetta previously worked with Atlas to provide small business tech support in Tampa, but decided to manage IT internally to save money. They hired an IT manager and two IT support staff to manage their IT needs, but ultimately found that this approach did not save them money and the staff experience suffered.

“They tried their hand at internal IT support, but things eventually went sideways,” said Tabatha Waters, Systems Admin for Rizzetta & Company. “When I joined the team, we were having major issues with our servers and various software systems.”

Looking to address these issues, Rizzetta discussed hiring a managed IT service provider offering small business tech support in Tampa.

“They needed someone they could trust who would come on board and identify issues and solutions,” said Waters.

The Solution

Having worked with Atlas previously, Rizzetta was familiar with the organization and its small business IT services. Ultimately, they hired Atlas to resolve the issues that had accumulated over the years. Atlas would provide managed IT services for all eight office locations.

“Rizzetta decided to go with Atlas after many failed attempts of having our IT Department onsite,” said Bill Rizzetta, president, Rizzetta & Company. “Due to the business growth, we felt we needed extra eyes and hands. We were comfortable with handing over control to the Atlas team.”

Today, the Atlas experts provide Rizzetta with small business tech support in Tampa. They manage all users and provide support when issues arise with the organization’s computers, phones or intranet. They also proactively manage updates and patches on all devices and provide backup support for the in-house server.

The Results

Since Atlas began providing Rizzetta with small business tech support in Tampa, the team has been able to stabilize the IT environment and cut costs. Working with the Atlas team has also been a smooth transition for the Rizzetta team.

“Everyone has been very pleased with their overall customer interaction,” said Waters. “Sometimes when you call an IT company they make you feel rather ‘stupid’. But the Atlas team is very professional and easygoing with our users and get things up and running quickly.”

Addressing IT issues quickly has helped Rizzetta improve communication, both internally and with clients. Various IT upgrades and projects have also improved overall operations.

“Atlas has done great things to improve the functionality of our company,” said Bill Rizzetta. “Not only is the Atlas team qualified and focused on customer service, they are available. Hiring them was the best decision for Rizzetta.”

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