Why We Use Datto for On-Premise Servers

While cloud-based servers are gaining in popularity, many businesses still prefer to use on-premise (or onsite) servers. In a recent blog post, we shared the pros and cons of both types of [...]

Choosing the Best Server Environment for Your Large or Small Business – 2020 Guide

Servers are an important part of your business’ technology infrastructure. They house files, applications, websites, remote access for your employees and more. Without them, your IT operations [...]

Technology Redundancy and Backup Planning for Your Business

When you’re running a business that relies on technology, it’s not a matter of if your IT will go down, but when. Things happen that are out of your control. Hardware fails, the internet goes [...]

Atlas Helps Rizzetta Resolve IT Issues, Outsource Support

Weighing the Costs—Break-Fix vs. MSP

Break-Fix IT vs. MSP (Managed Services Provider) The primary goal for many organizations is to keep costs down, and one of the first places they look to cut costs is the technology department. [...]

Countdown to Hurricane Season 2019: 4 Steps for Business Continuity

Prepare Your Business Technology for Hurricane Season Hurricane season starts June 1. Companies that are caught unprepared are at risk for experiencing power outages, equipment damage, and [...]

5 Things to Consider when Hiring IT Support for Remote Teams

According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, 4.3 million employees – or 3.2% of the American workforce – now work remotely at least half the time. And 40% more U.S. employers offer flexible [...]

Prepare Your Tampa Business for Disaster Recovery

Seven Steps for Planning for and Recovering from a Disaster  When Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September, it initiated a flurry of Tampa business disaster recovery. Unfortunately for companies [...]

Getting Clients through the Storm: Praise after Hurricane Irma

Our President and CEO received the below email from one of our real estate investment clients on September 12, a couple of days after Hurricane Irma hit Florida and wiped out power for millions [...]

How to Choose IT Support Services: 3 Red Flags to Avoid

Choose IT Support Services Confidently If you’re tired of struggling with technology challenges, it can be tempting to sign with the first managed service provider (MSP) whose price fits your [...]

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