Why We Use Datto for On-Premise Servers

September 2, 2021
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Why We Use Datto for On-Premise Servers

While cloud-based servers are gaining in popularity, many businesses still prefer to use on-premise (or onsite) servers. In a recent blog post, we shared the pros and cons of both types of servers. In this post, we’ll focus on onsite servers, and why we use a product called Datto for cybersecurity, data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs.

What is an on-premise server?

Onsite servers live in a company’s office, either in a server closet or on-premise data center. Benefits to businesses that opt for this type of server include:

  • Location. Businesses can store critical data in-house. They also have direct access to the server hardware to oversee maintenance and upgrades.
  • Access. Onsite servers don’t require an internet connection to access the data. In the event that the internet connection goes down, employees can still access key files and work offline.
  • Fixed-costs. Onsite servers do require the upfront cost to purchase hardware and software, as well as replacement costs over time. But, onsite servers don’t require a monthly subscription fee like cloud-based servers do.

That being said, one area in which onsite servers may pose cybersecurity and business continuity risks relates to data backup and recovery, and business continuity. Without the right protection in place, it can take many hours or even days to restore lost or damaged data. That is, if the damage allows for restoration at all.

The cost of down servers

On-premise servers can and do go down unexpectedly. Crashes are usually due to a cybersecurity breach or because the server has reached end of life (EOL) and hasn’t been replaced in time.

If a business depends on its website to sell products and/or employee access to internet, data and files in order to be profitable and productive, prolonged downtime from a server crash can be catastrophic. This is the case for all types of businesses, from online retailers to manufacturers to law firms.

Without the right data recovery and business continuity program in place, businesses typically have two options for dealing with an onsite server crash. One, they can order a new server. Or two, they can rebuild the server with different components. Neither of these options are fast, which means businesses could face significant and costly downtime.

Why Datto

To protect our fully managed IT clients who have on-premise servers, we recommend a product line called Datto.

“Datto is basically the Cadillac of business continuity,” said Kristin Johnson, Atlas’ Market Development Director. “We just ran a disaster recovery test for a large transportation client using Datto. They were fully back up and running after two-and-a-half hours, which is an incredibly short downtime period following a simulated server crash.”

Atlas offers the following Datto products, which provide solutions for not only data backup but also business continuity:

  • SIRIS: A physical appliance offering a reliable, all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery solution to prevent data loss and minimize downtime. The first product of its kind to do so, it can spin up a mirror image of a server in a matter of hours. This offering is a best-in-class business continuity solution.
  • ALTO: Similar to SIRIS but designed for smaller businesses.
  • Backupify: A cloud-based cybersecurity, backup and recovery solution for Office 365 and G Suite. This helps to protect and recover email boxes, calendars, contacts, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and other cloud-based programs from hackers.

If your business has on-premise servers that may be vulnerable to data breaches or an EOL crash, contact us today to learn more about Datto.